Go Green Gateway community project.

Go Green Gateway is a community project where you can enjoy with family and friends in a green environment in the company of travelers and where to exchange experiences and knowledge.

In a half hectare farm, Jessie and her family have placed four shipping containers to convert in the future community facilities. The first container had already been modified and converted into a comfortable place where practice languages while having a coffee.

The work for these months has been to transform the fourth container into a place to sleep, with one dormitory for six people and two double bedrooms. Also  has been placed on top a bamboo and leaves roof to protect it from sun and rain. Taking advantage of this structure, we built an outdoor kitchen next to the garden and a dining area.

Go Green Gateway
Go Green Gateway, Simpang Empat, Penang, Malaysia.

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Animal abuse. The Hunger Games.

Animal abuse occurs in many ways.

Sometimes the justification is “cultural.” Just check what happens with the bulls in Spain. Sometimes the excuse is leisure. We can see it in some circuses and some zoos. When entertainment and animal abuse are mixed, many of us get inspired to give off as humans. (see Toro de la Vega)

Although I find depressive visiting zoos in the countries that I travel, sometimes I got caught one more time. The advertising can hide situations of animal abuse and neglecting behind educational, scientific, conservationist, etc, curtains.

In an effort to see the exotic animals living in the area, we visited the zoo in Songkhla, southern Thailand.

In its website, they say:

The Zoological Park Organization’s Aspiration

“To become an international informative wild-life preservation institution”


Maintaining the task of preserving wild animals for education and returning them to their natural habitats, contributing the public with integrated knowledge of wild animals, improving management standards and welfare of animals in unnatural habitats.

(See in the website)

Tigre asiático en el Zoo de Songkhla sometido a maltrato animal.

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Thailand, linguistic barriers overcome.

Last winter was time to revisit Southeast Asia.

The company has been unbeatable. I was accompanied by my friend Irina, We met during our stay at Sunseed. We wanted to participate in a project and move away from the cold winter of our lands. Colder in her Siberia than in my Lleida 🙂

We landed in Bangkok, where my dear friends of Samut Songkhram were waiting for us. Among them, the group of top trendy hairdressers throughout Southeast Asia. While five years ago we could barely communicate, technology has allowed us to overcome the linguistic barriers, which in the case of Thailand, are very, very difficult to overpass.

Tailandia 2014.jpg

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