Appropriate Technology Dep. Sunseed activities July 2013

The activity during july has been exceptional at Sunseed. In the AT department we haven’t stop one day with all the projects and activities done by the fantastic volunteers who choose these dates to stay here and share experiences. IMG_5112.JPG

Inga and Rabbiya had their first contact with the photovoltaic panels production servicing all the 3 systems we have installed in the different houses of Sunseed. The dust was cleaned, the output voltages checked, the seals of the connection boxes, distilled water was added to the main house battery and all the connections were tested.


New wood frames with mosquitoes net for the Isabella’s dormitory were done, trying to make a little bit more difficult to them entry the room.

Michael y Rabbiya made an experiment based on Nicola Tesla’s research where its intended to capture some electricity from the magnetic fields that are covering us. The result was not enough to build a power plant, but the measures indicated than something is around there…

Supporting the sustainable living department, Heloise made mulberries marmalade using Kaña!!! 2, our biomass gasifier that employes dry cane of the valley as renovable fuel.


In Sunseed, we use compost toilets, where all our faeces are mixed with other organic matter and composted, producing the called “humanure” or manure coming from human faeces. This toilets are apart of the houses, in the gardens area. The night visit should be done with a lamp and a lot of attention, since the old light system is totally desintegrated. Clemens, Rabbiya, Inga and Cristabel designed a new system, composed by a PV panel, charger, battery and several light points in the strategical points: toilet, ladder, sink and access path.

The 5 light points of the path were designed by Clemens. On a mosaic tile, a stone pile was made with cement with a hole in the middle. Inside where installed bottom parts of beer bottles with a LED bulb and a reflector made with metallic part of tetrapack packages. All reused materials.


The free/busy indicator was redesigned too. Wood letters where carved and the on-off switch of the system was installed in a new pole. To wire the path, we opened a trench to bury the plastic pipe with the cables for the bulbs and switch, staying all rain proof and hidden in the edge of the gardens.


All Sunseed members were invited to the inauguration. We offered mojitos in the toilet and all the AT team we did a small performance. When the darkness came, after dinner, an inauguration ribbon was set up. Jyoti was in charge to switch on the lights, and following, all the AT department went through the path with solemnity under the Star Wars Imperial March musical notes. The ribbon was cut and we proceed to drink that delicious mojitos with ice and fresh mint.

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