Appropriate Technology Dept. Sunseed activities August 2013

On August we have dealt with the consolidation of the two projects we have in place: the  biomass gasification cookstove and the solar oven. There have been many volunteers who participated, each making a small contribution or many hours of design, action, observation, correction and enthusiasm. Both projects are an example of appropriate technology, as we reuse materials and apply simple construction techniques. They are everyday tools for cooking using renewable energy and having, therefore, a low environmental impact.


The system consists of two separately developed parts: the biomass gasifier and the kitchen itself. During the year, we have developed several prototypes of gasifiers, all designed with our original ideas, using materials that have been recycled or low cost.

Thus was born the series Kana! TLUD type gasifier, with versions 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0

( Vídeos: Kaña 1.0   /    Kaña 2.0 )

The structure includes a cooking area for pots and oven that harnesses the heat output of the stove to warm up. You can use either the various gasifiers, depending on how much heat output you want,  as long  you want to cook and the biomass that we will use. However, we have developed a larger version of Kaña for more burning time and power. Thus was born Kanon!, The big brother of the series and it works perfectly with any biomass. Can be refueled on the fly and gives high energy heat for over two hours if we are interested.

Sunseed AT Solar cooker
Sunseed AT Gas-Bio Agosto 2013
Sunseed AT Kañon 2013
Sunseed AT Agosto 2013
Sunseed Agosto 2013

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