Appropriate Technology Dep. Sunseed activities June 2013

This June has been very active in Sunseed. With the summer holidays, each day we have more volunteers and the energy of the place rises. In the Appropriate Technology Department we have done many activities with high participation.

For me, the main project has been to build two tables with metal estructure and a tiled surface. All the materials have been recycled from previous uses. Along two weeks, 10 people, plus Chito the supervisor engineer cat, have done the different steps to create two new tables for Sunseed, one dor the eating area in the main house (in substitution for the oldest), and the other for the outdoor area of the AT workshop, to make more comfortables our morning breaks.

During the construction, we have learn how to recover iron L profiles, cutting them and cleaning up the surface rust. With them, we built the tables structures to hold the tiles.



On the biomass gasification cookstoves project, the new french team Alexis and Cyril, has done several experiments. First, we have  modify the KAÑA 2.0!!! design with forced air to improve the gasification. As result, we got a flame 300 celsius degrees hotter than the previous without forced air. The time of combustion has been reduced too.


We tried to gasify the biomass inside a closed container and pipe the gas trough a tube to a burner.


Also we prepared a simple and effective rocket stove prototype to verify how it will work been fed with the whole caña, without shredding.


Motivated for Ana’s birthday, we decide make a test for a hot air oven with the big gasifier and refractory bricks. The result: 3 amazing chocolate cakes “gasified” with caña from the valley. Cooking sustainability 🙂

With our friend Alvaro, we were setting up frames with mosquito net to block the dormitory windows. A good display recovering materials and usinf simple technology to solve the daily problems.


Finally, ,the LED lamp designed and built by Clemens, shines in one of the volunteers dormitories, giving a charm and low consumption light. Nothing gives you more satisfaction that something you design and build, has a daily function.

We had a public guided tour showing the Sunseed’s installations that are in charge of the Appropriate Technology Department. Photovoltaic power, wind power, hot water, water pumping, biomass gasification, thermal mass stoves, solar cooking, solar dryers, etc, are the elements we use to demonstrate a lower environmental impact is possible in our daily actions. We had, also, a school visit. 50 secondary school teenagers interested in experience these activities.

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