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A new period of the journey began in October 2012.

The place is in the province of Almeria, behind Cabo de Gata, at a place called Los Molinos del Rio Aguas, in the town of Sorbas.

Los Molinos is a small town that was abandoned in the 50s. Gradually it was rediscovered by foreign tourists, who were buying properties, restoring and settling in this corner near the Tabernas desert where the climate is mild and sunny most of the year.

Sunseed Desert Technology came into the place 26 years ago, riding a community that aimed to develop intermediate technologies applied to semi-arid lands. To do this, set a dynamic exchange of knowledges and experiences covering several areas: appropriate technology, sustainable living, organic agriculture and arid land recovery, eco construction and communication. For each area there is a coordinator, sometimes an assistant. Each department offer a package of projects or activities that anyone can access as volunteer to participate in them.

In my case, I am in charge for coordinating projects in the Appropriate Technology Department. The philosophy of appropriate technology is to find solutions to problems based on locally available materials, affordable technical level, the lower cost and the lowest possible impact on the environment. The main areas are energy and water. Production and distribution. Funny…

These first few months, I have been making contact with the place and prepare the bulk of the work, which is produced starting from the spring, when volunteers start coming in greater numbers.

I invite you to visit the website of Sunseed and, if you urge, a visit is always welcome.


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