Growing mushrooms at Paliomylos.

Grow mushrooms is, at least, a productive and fun activity. In this case our we had a bag of Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium, or what is the same, oyster mushroom. It is a well known and popular mushroom and easy to grow. We propose to prepare a place outside the house to store bags with straw to grow the mushrooms giving shelter for times of low outside temperature. The old canal that carried water to the mill is still visible at the rear of the house. We saw that it was possible to adapt a section of it to accommodate the mushrooms.

Paliomylos Mushrooms Shelter4.jpg

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Construction of the shelter.

Taking advantage that the channel walls were in a relatively good condition, it would be only necessary to prepare a closure system as a trapdoor. We use lime mortar with straw, stones of the place and some bricks to level up the perimeter of the channel and prepare it to place a wooden frame where install the door. It was built with wood and plastic sheet reused from the village olive cooperative. With this materials we built a sandwich filled with straw for added insulation. A glass window allows the sun light to enter.

Paliomylos Mushrooms Shelter1.jpg

Mycelial preparation.

The mycelium must be set in a substrate where to grow and feed. In our case we use straw and wood. The straw was pasteurized to kill all microorganisms and prevent them from interfering in the growth of the mushroom. Various plastic bags were filled with a mixture of straw and mycelium, and in a few days, the mycelium spreaded throughout the bag. At that time a few holes were drilled in the plastic and transported to the shelter. The practiced holes serve as a way out of the mushrooms when they grow up. Also we inoculated with mycelium several logs of various kinds of wood.

Paliomylos Mushrooms Shelter2.jpg


In a few days the bags began to show signs of big activity. Progressively were born mushrooms on all bags and trunks, so the diet of the house increased in variety and quality. Different variations were done in the preparation of substrates to check mycelial different behavior. Unpasteurized straw, straw piled in the shade in the open, logs in the forest, etc were used. The results were varied and sometimes surprising.

A great, productive and sustainable experience.

Paliomylos Mushrooms Shelter3.jpg

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