Animal abuse. The Hunger Games.

Animal abuse occurs in many ways.

Sometimes the justification is “cultural.” Just check what happens with the bulls in Spain. Sometimes the excuse is leisure. We can see it in some circuses and some zoos. When entertainment and animal abuse are mixed, many of us get inspired to give off as humans. (see Toro de la Vega)

Although I find depressive visiting zoos in the countries that I travel, sometimes I got caught one more time. The advertising can hide situations of animal abuse and neglecting behind educational, scientific, conservationist, etc, curtains.

In an effort to see the exotic animals living in the area, we visited the zoo in Songkhla, southern Thailand.

In its website, they say:

The Zoological Park Organization’s Aspiration

“To become an international informative wild-life preservation institution”


Maintaining the task of preserving wild animals for education and returning them to their natural habitats, contributing the public with integrated knowledge of wild animals, improving management standards and welfare of animals in unnatural habitats.

(See in the website)

Tigre asiático en el Zoo de Songkhla sometido a maltrato animal.

Keep reading if you want yo see the animal abuse they do to the animals…

Animal abuse as entertainment and education.

Feeding the animals in zoos looks for me as very important to keep in good health to those already suffered animals. In the Langkawi (Malaysia) and Songkhla zoos I could see how a fundamental part of the business is to sell the visitor all kinds of food to feed the animals.

However, not all the animals are fed by the visitors. Most striking example and from where I got the opportunistic title of this post, was the spectacle that is offered several times a day coinciding with Tigers feeding times. This animal can still be found in the wild in Southeast Asia, India, Russia and some other places. It is majestic and beautiful. Then comes the man, let him go hungry until the skin hangs, and teaches him to humiliate himself following the rhythm of scandalous music just to get the needed meat. In the meanwhile people laugh, clap and take photos. This occurs three times a day. I recorded a video to spread:

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