Compost toilet improvement at Paliomylos.

The compost toilet in Paliomylos was no longer used due  to a malfunction. Somehow, a little fly got within the system and reproduced in large quantities. At some point the seal failed. We had to improve the sealing and, same time, install some improvements such as a window, water for washing hands and some more accessories.

Paliomylos Compost Toilet.jpg

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The changes done were:

  • Installing a vent pipe with high output above the roof level. Behind the toilet seat there is an air intake and a light trap for flies. High density metal grid was installed in the opens.
  • System separation of urine and feces. Urine is sent to a tank through a pipe for subsequent use as fertilizer.
  • Small sink with running water for higiene.
  • Toilet paper holder.
  • Mirror.
  • Window.

The water gets out the toilet and goes to a future bamboo bench. Can be directed part of the urine to the same destination.

It is the most comfortable compost toilet of all I’ve visited. A wooden building, cozy and clean which allows perform the sacred physiological function of defecation in excellent conditions.

Paliomylos Compost Toilet1.jpg

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