Paliomylos workshop.

Paliomylos needed a workshop to work protected from the outdoor weather conditions.

Having a minimal budget and using the stomping technique for the pillars, we built the structure of the future workshop using wood. Chestnut logs about four inches in diameter and pine beams 20×8 cm were used. To hold them in the soil the stomping technique was used, in which no concrete foundations or alike are used. The trunk is introduced into a deep hole that is filled with layers of compacted clay and stones one by one. The end result is absolutely solid, high reliability and safe.

Paliomylos Taller1.jpg

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Stomping technique.

The workshop would have ground floor and mezzanine. The height would be about 2.30 plus 1.50 meters. The structure would consist of nine chestnut logs about 10 cm. in diameter firmly fix into the ground. 20×8 cm pine beams will close the structure and secured the floor of the mezzanine. Stomping is a technique that involves making a fairly deep hole where the pillar will stand upright. Next step is set uo a layer of stones and mud embedded as if they were petals of a flower around the trunk and proceeds to hit hard until it is properly locked. Do as many layers as needed until reach the surface, compacting each of them strongly. The logs had been previously painted with pitch to ensure that soil moisture will not affect them in the future.

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