Go Green Gateway community project.

Go Green Gateway is a community project where you can enjoy with family and friends in a green environment in the company of travelers and where to exchange experiences and knowledge.

In a half hectare farm, Jessie and her family have placed four shipping containers to convert in the future community facilities. The first container had already been modified and converted into a comfortable place where practice languages while having a coffee.

The work for these months has been to transform the fourth container into a place to sleep, with one dormitory for six people and two double bedrooms. Also  has been placed on top a bamboo and leaves roof to protect it from sun and rain. Taking advantage of this structure, we built an outdoor kitchen next to the garden and a dining area.

Go Green Gateway
Go Green Gateway, Simpang Empat, Penang, Malaysia.

Keep reading to know the details of the project…

Go Green Gateway at the beginning…

Containers in Go Green Gateway were arranged around a field planted with 30 coconut trees. The one we are going to work on it was empty and clean, without no more openings than its own door. On one side is the green area of coconut palms and in the other we will attach the outside kitchen and dining room.

Estado previo del contenedor de dormitorio en Go Green Gateway.
Original condition of the future dormitory container in Go Green Gateway.

Materials collection

During the first days we were considering possibilities and evolving ideas and concepts. In parallel we were looking for scrap materials to use in the construction. We found a small industrial area of manufacturers of packaging and pallets trowing away daily a big amount of very usable materials. We also went to collect bamboo to nearby forests for use in the roof structure. A charity shop gave us doors, windows and some more things from donations. We got a lot of wood from dismantled houses. I must say it is amazing the amount of material that we gather.

Materiales para reutilizar en Go Green Gateway.
Materials to been reused in Go Green Gateway.

Bamboo Structure

The collected  bamboo was dried and treated with fire by Tim and Randolph. After this, they built the roof structure. The material used to roof was palm tree dry leaves, or atap as it is known locally. This type of roof creates a cool shade due to the material it is made. The container stopped receiving direct sunlight and indoor temperature reduced in many degrees. On the front part, exceeds one meter and protects the doors and windows of the bedrooms from the rain and also provides shade. On the back part, creates the space where the outdoor kitchen and the dining area will be located.

Estructura de bambú y techo de hojas en Go Green Gateway.
Bamboo structure and leaves roof in Go Green Gateway.


The container was to be converted into a dormitory occupying half (6×2,5 m.), and two double rooms measuring 3×2.5 m. each.

It was necessary to cut holes in the metal where to place the 3 doors and 4 windows. With the angle grinder and many cutting discs, it took me a few days to do all the necessary cuts. Every door and window was unique. The materials, size, shutters, everything was different. This is what happens when you use recovered materials. The final aspect is rather rustic.

After this, we put some wooden panels to make the separations between the three rooms and proceeded to paint the walls.

I made an electrical installation with protection and control box. Plugs, wall fan and ceiling light are available in every room.

Construcción de los dormitorios en Go Green Gateway.
Dorms construction in Go Green Gateway.

The three bunk beds already existing, were installed in the big dorm. In one double room Tim built a bamboo double bed and in the other I built other double/twin bed with chip wood boards that we found in a factory backyard.

Interior dormitorios GO Green Gateway.
Dorm interiors GO Green Gateway.

Outdoor kitchen and dining area

To build the kitchen’s counter structure we used wood coming from a giant pallet we found. Coincidentally, the counter measures coincided with the parts of the pallet, so just had to cut them. For the counter top surface, we employed all kinds of planks, from an old bed, pallets, wood borrowed to the neighbor, etc. The result was more than satisfactory.

In the area reserved for the stove, I protected the wood with a sheet of galvanized iron. I also built a barrier to stop and protect from the wind.

Behind the sink, I did a lattice with wooden slats recovered from the dump that will create a green wall with climbing plants that produce shade and coolness to the interior.

For the dining area I mounted two tables 55″x55″ big with wooden panels coming for shipping box of lab materials.

I also built 6 benches following the malay style than you can see everywhere around here and offer up to 16 places to eat. Space suitable for a big group.

Construcción de la cocina y comedor exteriores.
Building the kitchen and outdoor dining area.

Opening and farewell

Last thing missing was to inaugurate the facility with a dinner.

We invited some local collaborators and prepare an international menu: Spanish Paella, Argentine Milanesas and French tiramisu and crepes for dessert. Everything was yummy!

Longing moments for the eating habits of everyone home.

Inauguración cocina exterior y despedida en Go Green Gateway.
Outdoor kitchen opening and farewell from Go Green Gateway.

Have been fantastic months together with wonderful people of many countries.

My best memories for Randolph, Tim, Rebeca, Francesc, Emily, Marc, Carls, Anaís, Gisela, Ana, Abee, Eddy, Xi Zi  and the amazing Jessie.

Check the Go Green Gateway profile in helpx if you want to participate.

helpX website
Go Green Gateway helpX profile.

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