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Compost toilet improvement at Paliomylos.

The compost toilet in Paliomylos was no longer used due  to a malfunction. Somehow, a little fly got within the system and reproduced in large quantities. At some point the seal failed. We had to improve the sealing and, same time, install some improvements such as a window, water for washing hands and some more accessories.

Paliomylos Compost Toilet.jpg

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Baking sourdough bread at Paliomylos.

The intention in Paliomylos is try to be self-sufficient in many aspects as possible increasing the consumption of food produced here and surroundings. In the villages on the slopes of the mountains, they cultivate a wheat  that local bakeries use and has the feature that produces a yellowish and tasty flour. We will use it to do our bread. Cultivate the cereal is in mind for the future, perhaps along the lines of olive trees.

Paliomylos Bread.jpg

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Paliomylos workshop.

Paliomylos needed a workshop to work protected from the outdoor weather conditions.

Having a minimal budget and using the stomping technique for the pillars, we built the structure of the future workshop using wood. Chestnut logs about four inches in diameter and pine beams 20×8 cm were used. To hold them in the soil the stomping technique was used, in which no concrete foundations or alike are used. The trunk is introduced into a deep hole that is filled with layers of compacted clay and stones one by one. The end result is absolutely solid, high reliability and safe.

Paliomylos Taller1.jpg

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Growing mushrooms at Paliomylos.

Grow mushrooms is, at least, a productive and fun activity. In this case our we had a bag of Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium, or what is the same, oyster mushroom. It is a well known and popular mushroom and easy to grow. We propose to prepare a place outside the house to store bags with straw to grow the mushrooms giving shelter for times of low outside temperature. The old canal that carried water to the mill is still visible at the rear of the house. We saw that it was possible to adapt a section of it to accommodate the mushrooms.

Paliomylos Mushrooms Shelter4.jpg

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