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KAÑA!!! biomass gasification cookstove. Construction and use video tutorial.

It is time to build a biomass gasification cookstove. With this tutorial you can do it in an easy and cheap way. You can adapt the instructions to the materials you have, or you can find or acquire. There is no overly critical parameter. If you make modifications and does not work 100%, adjust and modify to achieve better results experimentally.

The tutorial teaches us how to build a biomass gasifier cookstove called Kaña!!!, Version 1.0, and includes:

  • An explanatory text which lists the material necessary to perform it.
  • The needed tools list.
  • Assembly instructions.
  • A video recorded during the biomass gasification course I did in Sunseed which shows all the steps to follow.
  • The instructions for use.
  • A video about the success story of Lucia, who built the Lucificador and got the absolute record of burning time with a powerful flame for 35 minutes using 350 gr. of dry cane.
  • A section with miscellaneous information.
Construcción de hornillo de gasificación de biomasa para cocinar. Building a biomass gasifier cookstove.

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Pelayo, story of a goat.

Pelayo has been a shared adventure for all who were in Sunseed during January and February 2013.

Weekly, a herd of goats cross the valley. The goats are scattered across the front hillside of Molinos del Río Aguas village. The shepard follows a path a little easier to walk, and the dogs try to keep some order in the herd.

A random day, two volunteers, Johann and Mandy, were walking in the area. Coincidentally, a goat gave birth prematurely. The pastor picked up the goat and he was going to abandon him, perhaps because it was not viable, perhaps laziness of having to carry him to the corral.

Somehow, the two volunteers, adoptive parents of the newborn, took him and brought to Sunseed.


The fate led us to find colostrum in the village, as Isabel, the vegetable shop assistant, has goats and usually freezes milk for occasions such as this. For a few days we were feeding him with it, and later with normal goat milk. With love and care, Pelayo pulled forward and gave us 5 weeks of coexistance in which all of us enjoyed this being that could not be.

As he grew up, we realized that we had to find a place with the right conditions for it. We were able to find a place where they were not going to sacrifice for being a male unproductive. This is a school farm where they have a group of animals for educational activities where he met new friends with whom to share existence.

We have this video to remmeber him and the possibility to go visit whenever we want.

Vídeo Pelayo