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KAÑA!!! biomass gasification cookstove. Construction and use video tutorial.

It is time to build a biomass gasification cookstove. With this tutorial you can do it in an easy and cheap way. You can adapt the instructions to the materials you have, or you can find or acquire. There is no overly critical parameter. If you make modifications and does not work 100%, adjust and modify to achieve better results experimentally.

The tutorial teaches us how to build a biomass gasifier cookstove called Kaña!!!, Version 1.0, and includes:

  • An explanatory text which lists the material necessary to perform it.
  • The needed tools list.
  • Assembly instructions.
  • A video recorded during the biomass gasification course I did in Sunseed which shows all the steps to follow.
  • The instructions for use.
  • A video about the success story of Lucia, who built the Lucificador and got the absolute record of burning time with a powerful flame for 35 minutes using 350 gr. of dry cane.
  • A section with miscellaneous information.
Construcción de hornillo de gasificación de biomasa para cocinar. Building a biomass gasifier cookstove.

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Appropriate Technology Dep. Sunseed activities July 2013

The activity during july has been exceptional at Sunseed. In the AT department we haven’t stop one day with all the projects and activities done by the fantastic volunteers who choose these dates to stay here and share experiences. IMG_5112.JPG

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Appropriate Technology Dep. Sunseed activities June 2013

This June has been very active in Sunseed. With the summer holidays, each day we have more volunteers and the energy of the place rises. In the Appropriate Technology Department we have done many activities with high participation.

For me, the main project has been to build two tables with metal estructure and a tiled surface. All the materials have been recycled from previous uses. Along two weeks, 10 people, plus Chito the supervisor engineer cat, have done the different steps to create two new tables for Sunseed, one dor the eating area in the main house (in substitution for the oldest), and the other for the outdoor area of the AT workshop, to make more comfortables our morning breaks.

During the construction, we have learn how to recover iron L profiles, cutting them and cleaning up the surface rust. With them, we built the tables structures to hold the tiles.


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Biomass gasification cookstoves

One project that I am conducting at Sunseed, is developing a cookstove model which can use the most abundant and renewable biomass that we have in the valley. This is the cane, which grows on the bank of the river invasively, filling them and making invisible the water flowing downstream.
The ultimate goal is to build an annex outside the Sunseed kitchen with various biomass gasification stoves for everyday use in the preparation of food. The system has to allow their use by any person in an easy and clean way.

Thus, it intends to add an alternative resource and sustainable to the solar cooking ovens we have and decrease the use of gas and the impact on the environment and the global economy.

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